Mommy Hood - rescuing the child in us all (smurfetts_lamb) wrote,
Mommy Hood - rescuing the child in us all

Parenting by Design ... but whose design?

I've been getting very irritated at people lately. Very judgey. I know I am not the best parent but there are simple niceties that parents should teach, and I keep running into parent who refuse to.

Simple things like:
Asking before taking
Understanding that when a grown up says NO, then having a parent say yes when they heard the no is just rude.
If something gets broken, fess up to it. (it is not about punishment or replacement, it is a responsibility thing and kids need to learn it)
Not teaching children that every party, event, etc is an all you can eat buffet regardless of whether other people have eaten.
...and lastly, I do not give YOU free parenting advice..... (I might be judging you at the moment, but i keep my mouth shut!)

I feel bad thinking these things.
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