Mommy Hood - rescuing the child in us all (smurfetts_lamb) wrote,
Mommy Hood - rescuing the child in us all

Life sucks in so many ways, for so many days, but I will survive

It is funny how at the same time that I am getting praise about my performances and brain power at school. I have been asked by Spencer's teacher to do my student teaching with him. I was very surprised when he asked but I have impressed him.

At the same time...

My skin hurts all the time. I want to cry for hours today over my pain. I broke down this morning and asked the doctor for a medicine for my nerve endings. I need to not hurt anymore. I look horrible. My skin is just ruined. The guttate psoriasis has just killed my skin. I am on month 5 of this and only part of my face has cleared up. My ears are now flaring up too. I just hurt everywhere. Normal skin has a 30 day growth cycle. Mine has a 3 day cycle, that is so much growth so fast. Ouch!

But I keep going through fatigue and pain.
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