Mommy Hood - rescuing the child in us all (smurfetts_lamb) wrote,
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Done with it

I am sick of being sick. I am sick of being mega stressed. I wish I could just be healthy for a month. I wish I could be less stressed for a month. I have so many little things to do but my head cold and chest cold is just driving me back under blankets all the time. Even my nose is killing me. 
I cannot graduate in May like I expected. It is my own damn fault. I trusted an advisor and did not go to a counselor last semester to verify it all. This seems to put everything on hold. I have decided not to apply to San Francisco State because of this new graduation date.
I still plan to apply to Santa Clara. I am also going to look into Notre Dame De Namer (Sp?). They seem to have better start and stop dates. 
I have also considered finding a job once I graduate. If trekki isn't working by the time I graduate I might push off my credential and find a job that puts food on the table and and keeps our healthcare. Our healthcare will run out in June at the latest. 
Just so many decisions.
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