Mommy Hood - rescuing the child in us all (smurfetts_lamb) wrote,
Mommy Hood - rescuing the child in us all

Drawings and school work

 Spencer draws so much right now that he had filled 3 100 page notebooks. He draws people, fish, monsters, plants, planets. He has added stickers to these books. His media is crayons, pens, and dot paints. 
He is also coloring color pages in color activity books as he goes. I think he spends at least 1 hour a day doing coloring and drawing.

School work - I am in the hardest class of my life. Every time I feel like I have it down, then I get slapped down by my teacher. I have met with her 3 times and I think she is just done with me. She told me I was waisting her time when I started questioning her about the mark ups the last time we met. It was very frustrating and I feel like an idiot. This class makes me feel like an idiot. 
At this point I need to write up a peer review to turn in. I need to finish the final paper which will take me 3 hours, less if I get help. And give a presentation for the project. All of this is due on Wednesday.

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