Mommy Hood - rescuing the child in us all (smurfetts_lamb) wrote,
Mommy Hood - rescuing the child in us all

Typical vs atypical development of a child

Typical development of any child from birth on would include hitting milestones of other children his/her own age within half a year of each other. Milestone such as walking, and talking have well documented time lines for each gender. As long as a child hit those milestones within 6 months of the average for his/ her gender then the child can be considered typically developing for this particular milestone. Some children hit each milestone perfectly on time and then will be delayed on one particular one, like saying the "Da" sound. This child's inability to say the "Da" sound 6 months to a year after typically developing children can be considered atypical. 
Since a typically developing child is considered typical by hitting the milestones of development at the same time as other child his/her own age and gender; atypical development would be the inability to hit the milestone for a particular event such as walking. A female child who has not said her first word by the age of 2 is considered atypical within the developmental milestone of talking since females typically speak their first word by 12 months of age. 
A child who shows signs of being atypically developed in multiple areas should be given a consultation by an expert to check for a disability. For example a child who has delayed speech, delayed large motor skill development, and equilibrium problems shows signs of a sensory disorder but until said child is seen by a professional in the field then a diagnosis can't occur and the child will not getting help. 
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