Mommy Hood - rescuing the child in us all (smurfetts_lamb) wrote,
Mommy Hood - rescuing the child in us all

Exhausted to the bone

 I am so tired. After 3 weeks of way too hard studying, my brain fell out of my head. I am done with studying for 3 days. I will resume Monday. I really want to sleep for 24 hours but will have to settle for my nap today and going to bed at 11 tonight. I have all my family and the inlaw family driving in tomorrow plus the whole party pack of kids and their parents.
I have to get up by 9am to make the cake tomorrow. I have made the cake already but the frosting and middle layer needs to be made and put together. Our house needs to be clean (MAGICALLY) so we can fit all the family after the party is over. I might just set up tables and chairs in the car port and sit outside to visit while cold people can go hang out inside. UGH!
I am looking forward to seeing everyone my school schedule just sucks.
The funny thing is that from now on I do not have as much stuff due per week. Next week only 2 papers are due. But I have to start a third paper which needs to be 6 pages long at least. (i have two weeks to work on it.) I also have a test next week which I can use a cheat sheet on. Yay! 
I just have so much due. I really need help with my it review, I already know I need more info and the whole thing is short by at least 2 pages. UGH! 

I am just so tired.
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